Weeks 1- 4 (August 10-September 2)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY, Aug 25/26: We all started class by finishing the district assessment. If you were not here, please come by during office hours next Thursday/Friday and complete it!

Then we continued class by writing a “Letter to Ourselves” at the end of the school year; I asked students to detail their current life/family/relationships/classes and to make some predictions as to what they thought was going to happen between now and when they graduate.  They also self-addressed an envelope and filled in a “goal-sheet” of things they want to do in the future (a bucket-list) that can be found here: (Dreams and Goals recorder).

Homework: Filled envelope (with letter, goals and gifts) due next class.   Also, bring your ERWC spiral notebook next class!


Wednesday, August 24:  Today we self-peer critiqued and presented our memoirs and introduced our partners to the class.  If you were absent, you will need to introduce yourself to the class when you return.  You also will need to get the list of your classmates names from one of your fellow classmates (it should be kept on the last page in your spiral notebook).  Be sure to submit your memoir to me when you return.  Also a typed envelope is due tomorrow!  Don’t forget!

Homework:  typed envelope!


Monday/Tuesday, August 22/23:  Today we started with the first half of the District Assessment. If you were absent, you will need to take it when you return to class.

Thursday/Friday will need a typed envelope, addressed to yourself and from me at the address below.  Please see this tutorial for assistance with the envelope!   Typed Envelope directions

Next… write your first and last name on the front of your 3×5 card – add A 10 word summary of something memorable that has happened in your life on the front (maybe something you shared with your memoir partner).  On the back of your 3×5 card, write down two true things about you and one complete lie (that is somewhat believable) (in any order)

Then we also leisurely read. If absent, be sure to write the ½ page + summary of what you read during your 15 minutes of silent reading time and submit it to me when you return.

Finally, students had time to get together with their memoir partner to discuss any last minute needs.

Homework:  Your published memoir is due next class!  Also, bring a typed envelope to class – addressed to you and with my name/address in the return box. 


Thursday/Friday, August 18/19:  Today we started a Common Assessment, which is a 45 minute essay that you will need to complete when you return. We followed with leisure reading.    To make up those points, you need to read for about 10-15 minutes and write a 1/2 page + summary of what you read.  Be sure to submit it when you return to class.

We then went on to prep for our “First Impressions” project.  Using the pre-writing we have been doing, the students who were present were teamed up with a partner and they did intensive interviews and discussed all sorts of interesting things.  They received points for doing this!  To make up the class points, you will need to write a 1+ page memoir of your life (a summary).  Start with your childhood and work your way to the present day.  We shared a LOT in class, so you only will receive full credit if your memoir is at least a page!

We then went over the requirements for the homework assignment – a visual “6 Word Memoir”.  The students who were present today will be writing one about their partner… you will need to write one about yourself.  GOOGLE “6 Word Memoir” for ideas, and I have attached the samples that I made for my friend Vics 6 word memoir and that he made about me Kathy’s 6 word memoir .

The memoir should be smaller than an 8×11 sheet of paper (~1/2 page), contain 6 well selected words that create a phrase about you, pictures, your name should be prominent on the front, and it should be CREATIVE!  It can be computer generated, hand drawn, a collage, etc.

Homework:  6 word memoir, and you will need your spiral notebook, highlighters and a couple envelopes next class!


Wednesday, August 17th -We completed this questionnaire (needs to be complete at the start of next class!):  What makes you You?  This will be read/shared with one of your fellow classmates, so keep this in mind while you complete it.

We also discussed leisure reading in this class and you need to bring something to read to EVERY block class, starting next class!  Choose something that you will enjoy and that will interest you.

We also collected all of the work that is due today.


Tuesday, August 16:  First we did some prewriting that WILL BE SHARED with a classmate (so don’t write anything you are not willing to share). The prewriting was 4 parts:  first, select a word that describes you that begins with your first or second initial and explain why that word describes you; second, write about a place you would like to be right now (your favorite place); third, describe who is the most important person in the world to you and why; fourth, select the word that bests describes who you are at this point in your life.

We then went on to complete the second ERWC start of the year reflections that can be downloaded here:  First of the year reflection – Activity 2   This is a reflection of your language arts class from last year. Complete it and be ready to submit it (along with the first reflection hyperlinked yesterday) when you return.

We also shared the deadlines for the upcoming ACT and SAT test. Be sure to check out their websites! http://sat.collegeboard.org and http://actstudent.org

Homework: syllabus due next class AND First of the year reflection that is hyperlinked last class, as well as the reflection hyperlinked above!


MONDAY, August 15, We went over the syllabus for this class.  Please download it here (if you don’t already have a copy) read it and have your parents sign it and return for homework points:   ERWC Syllabus

Then began our first ERWC reflection piece.  You can download it here:  First of the year ERWC reflection. Be sure to complete this for next class.

We collected the Cal State assessment (which can be accessed here: http://www.csuenglishsuccess.org/ept_practice_tests

We also checked that you “followed” this blog. Be sure to sign the grade sheet for the blog when you return.

Homework: get syllabus signed and complete the reflection


FRIDAY, August 12th – Quickwrite #3 “Advice from a Shark” – at the bottom of Quickwrite #2, record the “Advice from a Shark” found here:  Third Day – advice from a shark (essay writing day).  Comment on your thoughts (you should fill the rest of the back side of your paper with writing for full credit).  You will need to submit yours next class!!!  We discussed the commonalities in our schedules and some of the procedures for day to day activities.

You need to “follow” this blog for homework credit this evening.

I also collected the information sheet that was completed on the first day.

If you were not here to take the CSU success test yesterday, you can take it here: http://www.csuenglishsuccess.org/ept_practice_tests .   I need the results from the FIRST reading test     Just print out the results page at the end!  (Be sure to print ONLY the results page or your will get about 35 pages of results as well)

Homework: Access the CSU test you started in class here: http://www.csuenglishsuccess.org/ept_practice_tests  (it is the first reading test) and plug in your choices (if you were absent on Thursday, you just need to take the complete test online now).   Then, print out the results page from the website.  If you have trouble with your printer, at least write your total score on the top of your answer sheet provided in class.  The results are due Monday.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 11TH – SECOND DAY!  We started class with a 1/2 – 3/4 page journal entry (Quickwrite #2) describing your initial thoughts on each class/teacher you have on your current schedule.  Then we took the Pre-Assessment CSU English Success Test that can be found here:  http://www.csuenglishsuccess.org/ept_practice_tests.   I need the results from only the FIRST reading test. Print out the results page at the end!  (Be sure to print ONLY the results page or your will get about 35 pages of results as well)

Homework: Access the CSU test linked above (the first reading test) and plug in your choices. Then, print out the results page from the website.  If you have trouble with your printer, you may also screen shot and/or email me the test results at kmomaney@cnusd.k12.ca.us.  The results are due by Monday of next week (I will take them tomorrow though)! 

Tomorrow, I will collect the information sheet that was completed on the first day.

Also, procure your supplies; you will need something to leisurely read in class on Thursday/Friday of next week.

Finally, be sure to “follow” this blog!!!



WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10th – FIRST DAY!!!  Welcome to your senior year!!!  I have set up this blog to help you with assignments and to keep you on-track any days that you might be absent.  So… put it in your list of “favorites” and check it often.   Remember though, much of your grade depends on class participation, so be sure to be in class!

Today we wrote your first quick write assignment (responding to the quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”),  completed an informational sheet that is due tomorrow that can be downloaded here: senior questionnaire for first of the year , had a quick overview of the class, and learned about this blog.

HOMEWORK – Get Supplies for ERWC IV ; complete the questionnaire and submit it next class; also… start bringing a book that you are interested in reading (for pleasure reading); finally, check out the blog (which you are already doing if you are reading this!)🙂