Time to “Unfollow” the blog!

Congratulations!  You made it!  Hope you all had a great night at Disneyland (or wherever you were) and are enjoying your “excused” day off :). I, personally, am exhausted after sleeping in my car last night because I had to be back at work this morning at 7:15!  You all are SO lucky!!!  But last night was a blast and Ms. Moulton and I so enjoyed getting a chance to see some of you during a very fun Grad Nite!

Now, be sure to “unfollow” my blog by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of this e-mail!  If you don’t, you will be bugged with my emails forever!

Have a fantastic summer and best wishes for your futures!  I will see you Friday and next week for your senior events!


Mrs. M